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Mueller Adjustable Posture Corrector – Back Brace


Helps improve posture and overall health. Provides light support to the upper back to encourage proper posture.


  • Straps designed to easily fold under the arms for superior comfort.
  • Elastic materials gives gentle reminder to improve posture when starting to slouch.
  • Double-thick padding in straps is made of high performance synthetic fibers and sewn in place to hold shape and maintain comfort.
  • One strap adjustment system makes it easy to adjust and take on/off.
  • Lightweight and breathable material provides comfort for all day wear.
  • Slim design allows you to discretely wear under or over clothing.



Measure Circumference of the Chest
Fits 29.0 – 45.0 in
Fits 73.7 – 114.3 cm



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