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PhysioRoller – Long 10cm – Black




Bonus Carry Strap & Exercise Sheet
90cm Long by 10cm Diam
30+/-3 SHORE C Hardness.
Clinical Quality

These PhysioRollers have a smaller diameter than conventional 15cm Rollers. They are easier to use for beginners and less painful when used for fascial release.

Introducing the EVA Roller that stays round and does NOT go lumpy! Conventional foam rollers are made from less dense foam, which can shrink and distort, sometimes after only a few weeks. Our PhysioRoller is different. It’s a high performance, professional roller made of the highest quality, closed cell EVA foam. Available only in long round (approx 90cm). PhysioRollers are durable and can easily hold your body weight.

Additionally, the roller can be used in conjunction with other exercise equipment, such as the mediBall®, BallWebTM or duraDiscTM to further enhance kinesthetic and proprioceptive feedback.





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