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Xpeed High Density Wave Roller




Build a better body with our premium Xpeed High Density Wave Roller which is designed for a targeted approach to self massage. Foam rolling allows you to experience the benefits of self myofascial release (SMR), which include helping relieve muscle tightness, reduce muscle soreness, decrease inflammation, prevent injury and increase range of motion.

Featuring a high density EPP waved foam surface, this roller is designed to help stimulate blood flow and target tissue adhesions thanks to its undulating waves. It is a must have training tool for the professional athlete right through to the weekend warrior. This 32cm roller also includes a mini high density wave roller.

Build A Better Body with Xpeed.


– Relieve tight muscles

– Reduce soreness & stress

– Reduce inflammation

– Increase blood flow and circulation

– Increase range of motion

– Additional uses for yoga and pilates

– Use for pre-habilitation

– Improve sport performance


– Black


– High density

– EPP waved foam surface

– Includes high density mini wave roller (32cm only)



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