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Xpeed 8cm High Density Massage Ball 2 Pack




The Xpeed 8cm High Density Massage Ball – 2 Pack allows you to save and roll. Designed for self myofascial release, trigger point treatment and mobility this style of ball allows you to work on many areas of the body. In particular the chest, back, shoulders, glutes, feet and even forearms. It?s the perfect addition to the training tool kit for those hard to reach muscles. Ideal for experienced foam rollers.

The unique EPP foam ball is dense, however its closed cell structure allows it to compress slightly for self myofascial release training. This encourages blood flow and delivery of oxygen to muscles and fascia in order to keep them functioning and healthy.

Build A Better Body with Xpeed.



– Relieve tight muscles

– Reduce soreness & stress

– Reduce inflammation

– Increase blood flow and circulation

– Increase range of motion

– Targeted use for feet, legs and arms

– Use for pre-habilitation

– Improve sport performance



– High density

– EPP foam for unmatched durability



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