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Pocket Physio


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The Pocket Physio was developed by physiotherapists as a simple inexpensive tool to release muscle tension.
“Trigger points” are specific areas within muscles within muscle that cause increased muscle tightness and occaisionally referred pain. Early recognition of the onset of muscle tightness by regular use of the pocket physio is an effective way to prevent further muscle tightness and the possibility of injury.

This product is shipped loose, or in a pack with colour images demonstrating how to be utilise this product to relieve you muscle tightness.

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Trigger Point products are used by many leading athletes and sports teams around the world. In Australia, professional athletes from sports such as AFL, NFL, A League, Rugby Union, Netball, Athletics, Cycling and Cricket, all use the Trigger Point products to help improve both their preparation for sport, their performance during sport and recovery from sport.  The Trigger Point range is a proven functional fitness product for all levels of physical activity.
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