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BoBo Pro 2.0




The BoBo Pro 2.0 Board

BoBo Pro 2.0 Board


  • Premium wooden smart balance board (19.6″ x 13.7″)
  • iOS/Android App with predefined training programs & 14 balance games
  • Multiple patients dashboard
  • Wearable Bluetooth motion sensor with 3 Velcro Straps
  • ROM assessment and training
  • Cycling speedometer trainer
  • Holds up to 450 lbs
  • Deliver effective training and motivate patients with fun and engaging exercise games for every fitness level.
  • Detachable movement sensor with 3 velcro straps
  • BoBo Pro 2.0 App with ROM and Cycling app
  • Battery life is 400 hours of continuous use





BoBo Pro 2.0 Features 1



  • A comprehensive solution that digitizes all types of therapeutic exercises and tools to facilitate better patient outcome and more efficient practice.
  • Balance | Wearable (ROM) | Cycling App
  • Built-in range of dynamic training programs
  • Detailed reports for further clinical analysis.














BoBo Pro App

BoBo Pro 2.0 Features 3


With real-time biofeedback and advanced performance tracking, providers can easily analyze patient progress and compliance, and adjust personalized plans whenever necessary. The app collects relevant data for every training session and converts it into detailed reports for further clinical analysis.










BoBo Pro 2.0 Features 4


The BoBo Pro system can be customized to every patients’ unique needs, goals and situation. With training programs that can be customized for each individual patient, the device helps you achieve better outcomes in less time. With intuitive graphics and an easy-to-use interface, the BoBo Pro app allows providers to create new training programs in seconds.









BoBo Pro 2.0 Features 6


Common rehabilitation training turns into a motivating and challenging game that makes exercising a fun and rewarding activity.













  • Wireless connectivity to your smartphone or tablet
  • Battery life is 400 hours of continuous use
  • LED & audio indicators
  • 3-axis accelerometer sensors
  • Operating temperature: -5 ˚C to 45 ˚C (23 ˚F to 113 ˚F)
  • Battery type: 2032 Lithium Coin Battery 3V
  • Communication modules: Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

*Mobile device & balance cushion are not included



BoboPRO is a revolutionary training board that converts traditional balance devices into interactive training platforms. This technology dramatically increases patient engagement, enables specific performance measurement and personalised treatment.
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