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Xpeed Balance Cushion


Improve balance and core strength with the Xpeed Balance Cushion. Perfect for rehab and posture support, featuring anti-slip and sensory surfaces.


Improve balance, strengthen core muscles and recover from injury with the Xpeed Balance Cushion. One side features an anti-slip surface whilst the other side is designed to stimulate sensory receptors with tiny raised spiky bumps. Widely used for rehabilitation, pre-habilitation and postural support. Build A Better Body with Xpeed.


– Improve balance

– Strengthen core

– Injury rehabilitation

– Pre-habilitation

– Can help reduce instability, fatigue and pain

– Similar benefits to a gym ball


– 1 x textured surface

– 1 x sensory surface

– Portable

– Light weight

– Inflate or deflate to suit needs

– Suitable for commercial and home use

– 140kg weight rating



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