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Elite Speed Resistor + Shoulder Harness + Waist Belt




The elastic resistor attaches to the shoulder harness for the runner and to the waist belt of a training partner or just around a tree or a post. It is an ideal tool that can be used to rapidly improve stride length, speed and power.

For maximum gain, having a training partner is essential, as you may instruct your partner on the amount of resistance they will provide. With a new highly durable design, the speed resistor may be the key tool in improving your speed. To use properly, attach harness over shoulders where it is clasped together at the chest. The other end of the resistor is held by your training partner. When sprinting, your training partner applies a level of resistance determined by how hard they are holding/pulling the handle.


Shoulder Harness fits chest size up to 104cm. Waist belt adjustable between 74cm and 105cm. Resistor is 6m long and stretches to 10m long when active.



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