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Balance Cushion


Enhance your balance and core strength with our versatile 35cm air cushion. Combining the benefits of a seating wedge, wobble board, and gym ball, this cushion is perfect for stability exercises and improving posture. The dual-sided design features a smooth surface for workouts and a spiky surface for massage and acupressure. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation.


Discover the versatility of our 35cm diameter air cushion, designed to combine the benefits of a seating wedge, wobble board, and gym ball into one essential training aid. This balance cushion is perfect for a wide range of exercises and therapeutic uses. One side features a smooth surface ideal for stability and balance training, while the other side has a spiky surface that provides a soothing massage or targeted acupressure.

This air cushion is excellent for improving physical coordination, mobilizing pelvic floor muscles, and enhancing posture. It’s also highly effective for balance training, promoting strength and flexibility in back muscles, and aiding in rehabilitation after sports injuries. Whether you’re looking to boost your fitness routine or need a reliable tool for therapeutic exercises, this cushion has you covered.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to inflate and deflate the ActiPro Balance Cushion using a hand or bicycle pump with a needle attachment (not included in the package).




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