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AOK Pilates Ring 35cm (14inch)




Double Handle Pilates Ring Medium Strength

Integrate Pilates style exercises into your workouts and achieve dynamic body transformations using the Pilates Ring. Activate and strengthen your entire body.

The pilates ring (also known as magic circles, magic rings, exercise rings and fitness circles) is ideal for floor and Pilates exercises as it can be used to tone up legs, arms, deep core and pelvic floor muscles. Our high quality pilates ring has both inner and outer grips and a PVC covered ring for extra comfort.

Isometric exercises using the AOK Pilates Ring are ideal for all ages and fitness levels.


  • 35cm/14″ diameter with covered flexible cleanable PVC ring.
  • Dual Sided Grips for maximum variety of exercises
  • Colour: Black
  • Resistance: Medium






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