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Xpeed Weight Vest


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The weight vest is simple in concept and big bang for your buck in usage. Built to last the Xpeed weight vest comes in 3 variations to provide a wide range of resistance during exercise. Designed to avoid bouncing on the stomach the removable weights are located high on the torso. As a result, an even distribution is provided as the load remains close to the core, minimising stress on the joints during movement. Made of heavy-duty reinforced nylon with double padded shoulders means maximum comfort for the athlete.

Removable 1kg and 1.25kg weights allow the athlete to adjust the vests weight according to the exercise they are performing. Dual nylon straps ensure the vests are adjustable, can fit multiple body types, which also allows maximum comfort and manoeuvrability during exercise.

Weight vests stimulate extra stress on your body during a workout as it forces your muscles to work harder with the added strain. This also means you can increase calorie expenditure during exercise even for simple exercises like walking and running. Weight vests are an ideal addition to exercises such as Pull Ups, Push Ups, Squats, Lunges, Kettlebell workouts and more.

10kg Vest – 10 x 1kg weights
20kg Vest – 20 x 1kg weights
30kg Vest – 24 x 1.25kg weights


–  Low-chest belt for maximum hold no bouncing and no shifting.
–  Weights are loaded at top body front & back for optimum performance.

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10.0 KG, 20.0 KG, 30.0 KG



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