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Xpeed Figure 8 Lifting Straps




Xpeed Figure 8 Lifting Straps are designed to help you lift heavy with full confidence by locking your grip to the bar. Our straps are set to the perfect length for a tight fit to the barbell whilst utilising a heavy duty 40mm width cotton webbing with neoprene padding. This figure 8 strap is double stitched throughout for super high strength. Decrease pain on the hands, enhance position, perfect technique and reach optimal training volume thanks to this important training tool. Build A Better Body with Xpeed.

Features & Benefits:

– Comfortable neoprene padding on all contact areas

– Reach optimal training volume

– Decrease pain on the hands

– Double stitched for high strength

– Fits all wrist sizes

– Width 40mm

– Length 400mm

– Padding 5mm



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